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Back to Rosetta 2022

Ad we begin a new year we will take a moment to have a look back at the last year and also to share some plans for the year ahead.

Last Year

We made the most of covid restrictions reducing while still ensuring the safety of the children, staff, and families.

Trips included the first station, lots of walks, some parks, Caldwells and of course Forest Fun.

We also welcomed visitors into the setting including the food bank, Cora’s Mum from the police, Forsyth’s, the mountain rescue baby Benji.

Our afternoon tea was a highlight of the year for us staff. Getting to see all the families in the setting and enjoying being together was wonderful.

Our end of term treat was some yummy ice cream from Flo’s mum and the story tellers “It’s all in the Bag”.

The children moving on to school had a much more involved transition due again to less restrictions and we are pleased to say that reports say they are all doing well.

Of course, the end of term always feels emotional as we wish those moving on well and last year was no different. We waved off a wonderful bunch at graduation and hope that they all continue to do well and remember a yoohoo if we see them.

Other bits and bobs. We have replaced several resources over the year and added to our resources while we are able to with extra money in the account. We have also had a new outdoor classroom put in the playground and although it is currently being used as a place for teenagers to sit of an evening I am sure it will be a great addition during the winter! Our new kitchen has also been a wonderful addition. A dishwasher and washing machine have brought us much joy!!

Our year was finished off with an inspection a few weeks before the end of term by the Care Inspectorate. This was something we have been expecting and we were glad that they came when they did as it allowed us to showcase the last year of learning alongside the plans for the year we have just entered. The inspection was wonderful and showed the hard work and dedication that staff have put in to continue to make Rosetta the best it can be.

If you have a moment please have a read of the inspection report on the Care Inspectorate's website.

This coming year

We already have lots of plans in place for this year and have a setting improvement plan that we are actively working on to support staff to continually improve the setting.

Our number for this year are good and will support us financially for the year. There are odd spaces left but no full-time spaces. As the year progresses these are often filled by younger children who are parent paid.

We have been asked to return to visit the residents of either Dovecot or Riverside and hope to start this soon once all the children are settled.

We are able to again access the school gym hall and dining hall and plan to do this once or twice a week.

As you are now aware parents are now able to enter the building at the end of the day and this helps us get to know you all and your families.

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