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Return to nursery February 2021

After what seems like forever on Monday (the 22nd February) we opened the doors of Rosetta to all our children again.

When we closed at Christmas for the two week holiday we were still under the impression that we would be returning early January to pick up where we had left off. However, those plans were soon put on hold as yet again the country was to go in to lock down on the 26th of December.

We like all other Early years settings, primary schools and high schools embarked on the new way of learning. Online!

Not quite the same as in person learning, especially for Early Years where the focus is primarily on learning through play, it did give us a chance to keep contact with our families and offer activities and stories too keep the thread of learning going.

But as we return to our lovely setting, our friends and practitioners we want to start sharing some of what goes on at Rosetta through with you through this blog page and look forward to welcoming you in even if not in person for the time being.

During our time out of Rosetta we had Enrollment week.

It is hard to give people a feel for the setting when they cant visit, so instead we shared the below video. We hope you enjoy it.

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